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Body Cream 10 ml. แบบซอง
Herb Basics Thai Flower Collections comprises of skin care routine products for daily uses such as a shower gel or liquid soap, Body Cream or moisturized lotion, Mini Soap for Facial cleansing, Body oil for after bath/shower skin moisturized for the extra nourishing treatment to your skin and a flower water which is a light body spray that you can use as an everyday perfume. In addition to skin care, Herb Basics Thai Flower collections also includes fragrances for your room. You can find selections of Incense sticks and cones, fragrance pillow for drawer freshener, and fragrance oils that can be used with an electric aroma diffuser.

Herb Basics Thai Flower Collections includes famous Thai flowers such as Frangipani, Jasmine, Orchid and Sai Yud Flowers. Each Flowers has their own characterizations:

Frangipani has a scent that remind you of a combination of tropical fruits of pineapple and coconut. The sweetness of frangipani is very subtle that will make you feel calm, warm and comfortable just like tropical caramel or vanilla. It is considered a “polite” perfume scent.

Jasmine has a unique characterization of sweet, musky and green tropical flowers. Thai Jasmine is somewhat different than other countries. Thai Jasmine smelling is considered exotic, tenacious but still sensually light comparing to the Indians. We often use Jasmine for sacred ritual because it can emotionally calm our mind but nonetheless give us a sense of beautiful dreams.

Orchid perfume note can be described as flowery, powdery, and vanilla-like. Some describe the smell of orchid as a combination of apples and bananas. Comparing to our Thai Collections, orchid smell is very rich and sweet. It remind us of a beautiful and sophisticated woman.

Sai Yud Flower doesn’t have an English common name. The Desmos chinensis Lour flowers give a very distinct Thai aroma that is very different from other tropical flowers. Sai Yud scent can be described as sweet, pleasant with a little hint of fruity smell. The fragrance is relaxing and charming.