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Lollipop Shape soap

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Lollipop Soap
Whether you have normal, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin, Herb Basics Lollipop soap is here for you! Not only the fun shape made your shower time more fun, the soap will keep your skin hydrated.

Herb Basics’ lollipop soap is made of glycerin which is a humectant in nature. The glycerin attracts moisture and draws it deep into your skin to keep it hydrated. If you’ve been using a commercial soap for a long time, you may find your skin has become dry, flaky, and tight. Using glycerin on your face and body will draw moisture to your skin, and lock the water molecules in place. Your skin may feel moist for several hours after use, so when you use it regularly, you should feel your skin softening.

Sensitive skin is prone to reactions from certain synthetic ingredients in commercial soap. If you find yourself dealing with frequent itching and redness, try an all-natural glycerin soap. You may be surprised to find your cleanser was the problem all along!
Soap crafted into candy shape. Ideal for gift.
Use as a regular soap to cleanse skin.
Massage your face for about a minute. Rinse thoroughly with water.
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