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Fruity Scent for Perfume roll on

Item no.:
Fruity Scent
Herb Basics’ Fruity scent is a mini perfume roll-on; the ever-so-handy rollerball with fruity scents. The perfume is in g oil-gel form so it doesn’t vapor easily can the scent stay longer time compare to the alcohol kinds. You can use Herb Basics’ Fruity Scent perfume roll-on in a traditional way by touch on behind your ear-lope, your neck line for a flavor full scent. But you can use it as a good scent inhaler with your facial mask.

The new use of Herb Basics’ Fruity scent roll-on perfume is to be used with your facial mask by roll it onto the top most inner side of the mask so that you can breath-in a sweet fruity smell and have a good mood all day!
Herb Basics’ apple aroma is sweet fruity rose waxy tropical scent.
Just use a dab on the inside of the wrists, at the ear lope or anywhere you desire!
Net weight:
5 ml.
Gross weight:
40 g.